United Bank Of India branches in Murshidabad

Get the list of United Bank Of India branches in Murshidabad district, Murshidabad, the list made available by city/branch. United Bank Of India Murshidabad ifsc code, braches address, helpline etc.

United Bank Of India branches Murshidabad

BankIFSC Code Branch Address
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0AKRC39 AkriganjVill Beligram,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0AMMC33 AmtalaMurshidabadVill&P.O Amtala,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ADNF09 AndironVill Andiron,P.O Hareknagar
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ABMF62 AurangabadMurshidabadCollegepara ,,Aurangabad,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0AZIC83 AzimganjMarble House,P.O Azimgunj,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BAWD90 BaliaMurshidabadVill&P.O Balia,Dist. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BGHC28 BalirghatBalirghat,P.O Baligokulpur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RRBBGB Bangiya Gramin Vikash BankHead Office Bmc House,Nh 34,Chuanpur,P.O.Berhampur,Dist.Murshidabad 742101.West Bengal
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BBDE61 BartanabadVill& P.O Rosulpur,Dt. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BLD260 BeldangaBeldanga,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BNME31 BeniagramVill Sreerampur,P.O Beniagram
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BHW206 Berhampur1&2,Dr Snb Road,Berhampur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BHZC40 BerhampurGorabazarThakur Market Complex,Gorabazar,Berhampur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BHPD61 BhaduriaparaVill Bhaduriapara,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BGG920 BhagawangolaBhagwangola,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BGTF64 Bhagirathi MurshidabadPo-Panchanantala,,Dt-Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0CWKE41 ChowkiPlot88,Chowki,Ntpc Mor,Nabarun,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DBMW01 Dakbanglow MoreDakbanglow More,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DAUC27 DaulatabadVill&P.O Daulatabad,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DLRC99 DhulauriVill Dhulaurihat,P.O Diar Fetyepur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0FKBC67 Farakka BarrageP.O Farrakka Barr. Pro,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GHOE36 GhosparaGhospara G.P,P.Omuradpur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GKAW05 GokarnaVill&P.O Gokarnap.S Ka,Dist- Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GGJW07 Gopejan GoaljanVill&P.O Goaljan,P.S Berhampur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GSK037 GramsalikaVill &P.O Gramsalika,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GNIF07 GunanandabatiGunanandabati,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HDMY17 HaridasmatiHaridasmati,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HHP943 HariharparaVill&P.O Hariharpara,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HRAF87 HaroaMurshidabadVill&P.O Haroa,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ISMC36 IslampurMurshidabadVill &P.O Islampur,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JAPW43 JagannathpurJagannathpur,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JLG911 JalangiP.O Jalangi,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JNPF69 JangipurJangipur,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JIA942 JiagunjP.O Jiagunj,Dt. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JITE64 JitpurVill &P.O Jitpur,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JOTD58 JotkamalP.O Sanmatinnagar,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KAN963 KandiKandi,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KTGW20 KantanagarKantanagar Gram Pancha,Vil: Kalinagar,Po:Bhag
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KMID57 KatlamariVill&P.O Katlamari,Dist. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KHG992 KhagraBerhampore52A,B.B.Sen Rd,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KDTF11 KumardahaghatKumardahaghat,P.O Baruipara
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0LMPD95 LakshmipurVill : Lakshmipur,P.O Raghunathpur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0LBG055 LalbaghNetaji Road,P.O&Dt. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0LGL973 LalgolaP.O Lalgola,Dt. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MLAF86 MalanchaMurshidabadMalancha,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MHRF85 MithipurVill P.O Mithipur,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0XMB098 Murshidabad Region26/11 Sahid Surya Sen,Berhampur,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NAG974 NagarP.O Nagar,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NTC094 Nimtala ChunakhaliP.O Kossimbazar,Dist. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PSDF92 PalsandaPalsanda,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PTP039 PanchthupiP.O Panchthupi,Dist. Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PTM040 PanutiaMurshidabadP.O Ramnagar,Dist. Birbhum
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PKBC84 PatikabariVill & P.O Patikabari,Dt. Mushidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PIRE32 PirtalaDahapara G .P Office,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PGSW57 Purbagram SalarVill Purbagram,Po Salar,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RAD088 RadhamonihatRadhamonihat,P.O Kelomal
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RAG985 RaghunathganjMackenzie Park,Raghunathganj,Mursd
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RJRD11 RajarampurVill&P.O Rajarampur,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RCRE95 RamchandrapurRamchandrapur,Bajpur-Madhupur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SGIF91 SagardighiVill& P.O.Sagardighi,Behrampur ,Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SHHW42 ShahazadpurShahazadpur,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SWPF12 SwaruppurVill&P.O Swarupur,Dist Murshidabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0UMRF16 UmarpurVill Banipur,P.O Ghorshala
United Bank Of India internet banking Codes: To make pay through online banking or net banking or mobile banking, IFSC or Micr or Swift codes will pay a key role to confirm the branch details, so here you check the all ifsc or micr or swift of United Bank Of India Murshidabad city wise, for that you need to select the United Bank Of India branch for which you need to check ifsc or micr or swift or bsr.

In Murshidabad, United Bank Of India is offering following products/services in general Deposit schemes such as Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Tax Savings Scheme etc., and Loans/Advances such as Housing Loans, Agriculture loans, Educational loans, Mortgage loans, Car Loan, and Personal Loans etc.
United Bank Of India branches list Murshidabad :
United Bank Of India has a lorge network of branches in Murshidabad which is situated in West Bengal, India.

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