United Bank Of India branches in South 24 Parganas

Get the list of United Bank Of India branches in South 24 Parganas district, South 24 Parganas, the list made available by city/branch. United Bank Of India South 24 Parganas ifsc code, braches address, helpline etc.

United Bank Of India branches South 24 Parganas

BankIFSC Code Branch Address
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0XTSD05 24ParaganasSouthRegionKulpi Rd. Rail Gate,P.O Baruipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0AMA296 AmtalaBaruipur Rd,Kanyanagar,South 24Pgs
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BGIE45 BagariaP.O Bagaria,Dist. 24Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BGPD10 Baishnabghata PatuliE/2 Bgpatuli Township,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BJTF93 BanerjeehatRaipur,Chatta Charail,Mohestola
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BSAA21 Barisha64/1 K.K.Roy Chowdhury,Rd.Dt.24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BCB934 Baruipur Chowdhury BazarBaruipur,24 Parganas(South0
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BRLF52 Baruipur Rail GateBarupir Mun Gate,Kulpi Rd
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BNT989 BasantiBasanti,24Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BTN279 BatanagarBudge Budge Road,,Maheshtala
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BLID89 BeltoliVill&P.O Paulpur,Dist. South 24Pgs
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BPBE51 Benipur BazarVill& P.O Benipur,24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BEOD82 BeontaP.O Bhojerhat,24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BHR972 BhangurBhangur, Dt.24Pgs(S),
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BOHC26 BohruBohru,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BOSC90 Bosepukur Rajdanga2727G, Bosepukur Rd.,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BUE235 Budge Budge8/2 D B C Road,Budge Budge
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BUOA18 Buro Shibtala231/4, Rai Bahadur Rd,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0CAN245 CanningCanning Town,South 24-Parganas
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0CHH298 ChampahatiChampahati Main Road,24Parganas(South)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DRPE24 Dakshin RaipurDakshin Raipur,Gheri,Raipur,24Pgs-South
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DIA283 Diamond HarbourMain Road,Diamond Harbour,24Pgs(
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DOSC31 DoshaDosha,Dist. 24Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0EMSF61 EMBypassSwastik Bhaban,18Kalitala Main Rd
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0FFZD78 Falta Free Trade ZoneCfcbuilding,Room No27,Wbiidc,Sector Iv
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GYB170 Ganguly Bagan84, Raja S.C Mullick,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GRA144 GariaP-123 Raja S C Mallick,Road
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GSDC59 Garia Station RoadGaria Station Road,Garia
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GHAF59 GhasiaraUttara Apartment,G5/2 & 4 A.P.Nagar,Son
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GHDW03 GhoradolGhoradol,24 Parganas South , Wb
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GSFD08 Ghutiary SharifVill Ghutiary Sharif,P.O Bansra.24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JLSF21 James Long Sarani65/2 Vidya Sagar,Sarani
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JAYF46 Jaynagar MazilpurJaynagar Mazilpur,24Pargana(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JBTW39 JibantalaJibantala,South 24 Parganas
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KACD15 KachuberiaKachuberia,Sagar,24Pgs-South
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KKD036 KakdwipKakdwip,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KSBE55 Kalas BazarVill& P.O Kalas,Dist. 24 Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KAS151 Kasba293/1B.B.Chatterjee Rd,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KPIC29 KulpiDurganagar,Kulpi,South 24-Parganas
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KTLC32 KultaliJamtala Hat Kultali,Dist. 24Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0LKK031 LakshmikantapurBijayganj Bazar,Ghateswar24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MTL961 MahestalaJalkhura Sup Mkt,Mahestala.24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MALE65 MalanchaPanchabatiP.O Malancha Mahinagar,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MMPE44 MamudpurNibaran Dutta Rd,P.O Kalyannagar
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MRP930 Mathurapur24PgsVil/Po-Mathurapur(Rs),South 24-Parganas
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MET194 MetiabruzR-96,Akra Road,Kolkata-24
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MGH922 MograhatMograhat Station Rd,24 Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MOM161 Mominpur41,Ekbalpur Rd,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MOUE18 MoudiVill Moudi Dt.24Pgs(S),P.O Daulatabad
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NGAW16 NalgoraDist 24 Parganas(South,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NKN014 NamkhanaVill Narayanpur Bazar,P.O Namkhana
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NDP923 NarendrapurNarendrapur,24Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NEGW17 New GariaSrinagar, Panchsayar,Garia
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NISD50 NischintapurP.O Nischantapur,24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NBWE23 North BowaliVill &P.O Bowali,24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PAI045 PailanPailan Hat,Raspaunji,Dt. 24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PAKD45 PakapoleP.O Pakapoler Hat,24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PPAC50 Pathar PratimaP.O Patharpratima,Dist. 24Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PLHC23 PolerhatPolerhat,,South 24-Parganas
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RBRD07 Rai Bahadur Road123/1 Rai Bahadur Road,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RCKC20 RaichakVill Ashapur,P.O Maheswarpura
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RDG968 RaidigheeRaidighee,Dist. 24Parganas(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RGRC12 RainagarSukanta Bhavan,Bansdroni,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RAJ239 Rajpur154,Aghore Sarani,Rajpur Bazar,24Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0FAL918 SahararhatFalta Rd Po Sahararhat,Dt 20Pgs(S)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SPR250 Santoshpur84A Santoshpur Ave,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SSH044 SarishaWbSarisha,Dt South 24Pgs
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SIR035 SirakoleSirakole,24Pargana(South)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SNGF53 SonargaonSonargaon,Tegharia,Rkpally
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SNP919 SonarpurStation Road,Sonarpur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GHC981 South Suburbs Behala233, Diamond Harbour Rd, Behala
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SSB087 South SuburbsBehala233,Diamond Harbour Rd,Behala
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SCHE43 SrichandahatBoinchheria,24Pgs-South
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SVPF66 Survey ParkB/171Survey Park,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0TAR191 TaratalaP-1 Taratola Rd,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0TOL109 Tollygunge11,Deshpran Sasmalroad,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0WATA05 Watgunj14, Watgunj,
United Bank Of India internet banking Codes: To make pay through online banking or net banking or mobile banking, IFSC or Micr or Swift codes will pay a key role to confirm the branch details, so here you check the all ifsc or micr or swift of United Bank Of India South 24 Parganas city wise, for that you need to select the United Bank Of India branch for which you need to check ifsc or micr or swift or bsr.

In South 24 Parganas, United Bank Of India is offering following products/services in general Deposit schemes such as Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Tax Savings Scheme etc., and Loans/Advances such as Housing Loans, Agriculture loans, Educational loans, Mortgage loans, Car Loan, and Personal Loans etc.
United Bank Of India branches list South 24 Parganas :
United Bank Of India has a lorge network of branches in South 24 Parganas which is situated in West Bengal, India.

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