United Bank Of India branches in North 24 Parganas

Get the list of United Bank Of India branches in North 24 Parganas district, North 24 Parganas, the list made available by city/branch. United Bank Of India North 24 Parganas ifsc code, braches address, helpline etc.

United Bank Of India branches North 24 Parganas

BankIFSC Code Branch Address
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0XTNC91 24 ParganasNRegion48,Jessore Rd, Barasat,24Paraganas(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0AGSC85 Agarpara Railway StationAgarpara North St Rd,24Parganas(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0AKAD81 AkaipurP.O Akaipur,Dist. 24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ALB157 Alambazar60,Deshbandhu Road(W),Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0AMD954 AmdangaKamdevpur Hat,24Pgn,Vill&P.O Kamdevpur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ARI977 Ariadaha28,Abinash Sarkar Road,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ASKF55 Ashokenagar Kalyangarh MunicipaP.O Ashokenagar,Dt. 24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BAH010 BagdahBagdah,Dt. 24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BAJC18 BagjolaP.O Kolsur,Dist. 24Parganas(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BAT266 BaguiatiBaguihati Road,Baguiati Bazar
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BNG102 Baranagar57 Cossipore Road,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BST242 BarasatTitumir Bus Terminus C,Barasat,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BCP228 BarrackporeB.Pore Municipality,B.T.Road,Talpukur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BBCD29 Barrackpore Bar Court49,Bajaj Mohal,Sadar Bazar,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BRMF72 Barrackpore MunicipalityB.T Road,P.O Talpukur,Dist. 24Parganas(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BSH251 BasirhatBeltala Basirhat,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BSCF70 Basirhat CollegeBasirhat,P.O Basirhat College
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BGR956 Belgharia17 Madhusudan Banerjee,Road
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BER902 BerachampaDevalay,Dt. 24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BROW08 BergoomVill : Bergoom , P.O :,24Parganas(North)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BPA232 Bhatpara27/2 East Ghosg Para R,Bhatpara 24 Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BNN256 BongaonBata More,Jessore Road,Bongaon,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0CPA297 ChandparaChandpara,24Pargan(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DAKC17 Dakshin ChatraDakshin Chatra,24Parganas(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DAT278 DattapukurStation Road Dattapuku,North24Pgs
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DEG903 DegangaDeganga,24Parganas
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DDPD21 Dum Dum Park569 Dum Dum Park,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DGGW23 Durganagar410/1, Station Road (1,Rabindra Nagar, Kolkat
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GMHC14 GadamarahatP.O Masunda,Dist. 24Parganas(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GGT004 GaighataGaighata,24Pargana(North)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GFAC89 Garifa507,R.B.C Roda,Po Garifa,.24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GUA285 Garulia142/3 Ghosepara Rd,Shyamnagar,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GDG267 GobardangaPost Office Rd,Gobardanga.24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GPN917 GopalnagarGopal Nagar Bazar,24Parganas(North)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GDD996 GorabazarDumdum39,Post Office Road,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HAB248 HabraGanguly Maidan,Jessore Road
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HLS011 HalisaharGhospara Rd(Baidyapara,Gokusagar,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HNPE22 HanspurVill Hanspur,P.O Ghonjapur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HAR081 HaroaHaroa,24 Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HAS904 HasnabadHasnabad,24 Parganas (N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HBT029 HBTownSodepurA38 Amarabati Barasat,Rd Sodepur 24Pgn
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HRSF38 Hridaypur Railway Station143/1Hridaypur Rly Stn,P.O-Hridaypur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ICPF98 IchapurCharaktala, Po Ichapur,Milandeep
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JDHC95 JadurhatiVill& P.O Jadurhati,24 Parganas(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JETD02 JetiaVill+Po-Jetia,Via Hazinagar,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JNHA52 Jyangra HatiaraKalitala,Kolkata,Jyangra-Hatiara Rd.
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KAID49 KaikhaliMoon Sun Apartment Vip,Rd Kaikhali
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KBZD22 Kamarhati Bazar3/C,M M Feeder Road,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KCP233 Kanchrapara21 K G Rabindra Path,Kanchrapara,24 Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KUBF94 Karunamoyee BidhannagarKarunamoyeebidhannagar,Bidhannagar
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KERE38 KeruliaKerulia Bazar,Po-Rahara,24Pg(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KNBC77 Krishnapur BazarKrishnapur Main Rd,Prafulla Kanan
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KMLW51 KumarjolKumarjol,24 Parganas North
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KUAE19 KuruliaKurulia,Hat Kurulia,Via-Bagdah,24Pgs-North
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MGMF45 MadhyamgramPushpa Arcade 116 Sode,Pur Rd, Madhyamgram
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MATC01 MatiaVill Matia,,P.O Nehalp24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MIN001 MinakhanFerrighat Rd.,Minakhan,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MYGD24 MoynagudiMoynagudi Bazar,Vill Moyna P.O Noapara
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NHT229 Naihati29,Aurobindo Rd,Naihati,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NAZ002 NazatNazat ,24Parganas(N),Wb
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NBK241 New BarackporeApc Road,New Barackpore
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RNTA53 New Town RajarhatSree Commercial Comp,Bl-Ah Rajarhat
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NIL005 NilganjNilganj Bazar,24 Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NIMC22 Nimta126/1/1 Madhusudhan,Banerji Rd.Nimta
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NOCC38 Nona Chandanpukur171 Barasat Road,Po-N C Pukur 24Pg(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PNHC78 PanihatiB.T.Road,Agarpara,Kolkata
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PNPD67 PanpurMoymansing Pally,P.O Narayanpur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PPK141 PatipukurP-910 Lake Town,Block-A
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RAH949 RaharaKhardahRahara,24Pgs(North)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RJH914 RajarhatRajarhat,24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SBO095 SbdoDum Dum182, Jessore Rd.,Dum Dum
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SHNC97 Shyamnagar257/1/1 Basudevpur Rd,Shyamnagar
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SOHD94 SohaihatSohai,Sahai Kumarpur,24Pgs-North
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SCGF71 Sri Chaitanya CollegePo:Habra Prafullanagar,Dist 24 Parganas
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SUBA66 Subhash Nagar77/1, Subhash Nagar Rd,Po Rabindra Nagar,24Pn
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0TENC19 TentuliaBasirhat Gobra Rd,Tentulia 24Pgs(N)
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0THKD25 ThakurnagarAnanda Para,Thakurnagar
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0TIT238 Titagarh2,Jalia Para,B.T.Road,Khardah,24Pgs North
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0WBUF84 West Bengal State UniversityBarasat,Dist.24Parganas(North)
United Bank Of India internet banking Codes: To make pay through online banking or net banking or mobile banking, IFSC or Micr or Swift codes will pay a key role to confirm the branch details, so here you check the all ifsc or micr or swift of United Bank Of India North 24 Parganas city wise, for that you need to select the United Bank Of India branch for which you need to check ifsc or micr or swift or bsr.

In North 24 Parganas, United Bank Of India is offering following products/services in general Deposit schemes such as Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Tax Savings Scheme etc., and Loans/Advances such as Housing Loans, Agriculture loans, Educational loans, Mortgage loans, Car Loan, and Personal Loans etc.
United Bank Of India branches list North 24 Parganas :
United Bank Of India has a lorge network of branches in North 24 Parganas which is situated in West Bengal, India.

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