United Bank Of India branches in Medinipur

Get the list of United Bank Of India branches in Medinipur district, Medinipur, the list made available by city/branch. United Bank Of India Medinipur ifsc code, braches address, helpline etc.

United Bank Of India branches Medinipur

BankIFSC Code Branch Address
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ANP064 AnandapurVill&P.O Anandapur,Dist. Paschim Medinipr
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BHI080 BagasthiVill&P.O Bagasthi,Distpaschimmedinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BLMD60 BalarampurMidnapurVill Balarampur,P.O Sabang
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BNRE69 BanshidharpurVill Banshidharpur,P.O Athangi
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BRGF01 BaranegoiPo-Baranegoi,Bahgora,P Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BEL291 BeldaVill &P.O Belda,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BEBC53 BeliaberaVill&P.O Beliabera,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BMPE05 BerampuraVill Berampura,P.O Matiberuan
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BIMF05 BishnupurMidnipurVill Bishnupur,P.O Bishnupur Bazar
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0BOOW14 BorahVill / Po. - Borah,,Ps: - Dantan , Paschim
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0CDBD47 ChandabilaVill &P.O Chandabila,Malda732123
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0CKTF80 Chandrakona TownChandrakona,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0CNDE59 ChandriVill&P.O Chandri,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0DMSD66 DhumsaiVill&P.O Dhumsai,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0ERGE52 ErgodaVill&P.O Ergoda,Paschim Midnapur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GLT061 GoaltorVill&P.O Goaltore,Distpaschimmedinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GOMD85 GolegramVill&P.O Golegram,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0GVPC52 GopiballavpurVill&P.O Gopiballavpur,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0HMPE11 HamirpurVill Hamirpur,P.O Balichak
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JLCC25 JalchakVill&P.O Jalchak,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JAMD41 JamboniVill&P.O Jamboni,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JMDY19 JamdaAt. Jamda,P.O- Jhargram Dist. Paschim Midnapore,Pin-721507
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JKAW15 JhikuriaDist Pascim Medinipur,
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0JGSE50 JoteghaneshyamVill&Po Joteghaneshyam,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KJRD01 KhajuriDasagramVill Khajuri ,,P.O Dasagram
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KRD077 KhakurdaVill&P.O Khakurda,Dist. Paschim Medinipr
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KHKF03 KharikaVill&P.O Kharila,Paschim Midnapur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KMTC49 Kharika MathaniVill&Po Kharikamathani,Dist.Paschimmedinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KPLF04 KhepalVill Khepalp.O Kapasda,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0KNRE66 KunarpurVill&P.O Kunarpur,Paschim Midnapur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0LGR062 LalgarhVill&P.O Lalgarh,Dist Paschimmedinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0LDA073 LoadaVill &P.O Loada,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MRT075 MarutalaVill &P.O Marutala,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MHP078 MohanpurVill &P.O Mohanpur,Dist Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0MUGE04 MughalmariVill Mughalmari,P.O Nekursini
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NYG079 NarayangarhVill Narayangarh,P.O Bahurupa
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NTRD65 NeturaVill Netura,P.O Aguiboni
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0NHIF02 NohariVill&P.O Nohari,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0XMNC92 Paschim Medinipur RegionSahid Kshudiram Bose,P.O Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PTAF06 PatinaPo-Patina,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PGL074 PinglaVill&P.O Pingla,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0PUNE68 PuyanVill Puyan,P.O Garharipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RPM076 Rampura MokrampurVill,P.O Mokrampurbaza,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0RAUE60 RautmaniPo-Rautmani,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SHRE67 SahashpurVill &P.O Sahashpur,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SNDE49 SandhipurVill&P.O Sandhipur,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SASD63 SasraVill&P.O Sasra,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SKIF81 SatkuiSatkui,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SATD73 SatpatiVill&P.O Satpati,Dist. Paschimmedinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SIL926 SildaVill &P.O Silda,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of IndiaUTBI0SREE33 SreebaraVill&P.O Sreebara,Paschim Medinipur
United Bank Of India internet banking Codes: To make pay through online banking or net banking or mobile banking, IFSC or Micr or Swift codes will pay a key role to confirm the branch details, so here you check the all ifsc or micr or swift of United Bank Of India Medinipur city wise, for that you need to select the United Bank Of India branch for which you need to check ifsc or micr or swift or bsr.

In Medinipur, United Bank Of India is offering following products/services in general Deposit schemes such as Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Tax Savings Scheme etc., and Loans/Advances such as Housing Loans, Agriculture loans, Educational loans, Mortgage loans, Car Loan, and Personal Loans etc.
United Bank Of India branches list Medinipur :
United Bank Of India has a lorge network of branches in Medinipur which is situated in West Bengal, India.

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