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State Bank Of Travancore Pazhakulam Branch IFSC code, MICR, BSR, Contact Phone number (toll free)

State Bank Of Travancore Pazhakulam Branch IFSC Code is SBTR0000846 and the branch address is [Building No.Vi/321, Mushayath Building, K P Road, Pazhakulam P.O., Adoor, (Pallikkal Centre) 691527].Contact phone number or customer care toll free number, micr , bsr and swift code are given below.

State Bank Of Travancore Pazhakulam Branch Details

Bank State Bank Of Travancore
Branch Pazhakulam
IFSC Code SBTR0000846 WARNING: This IFSC Code may be OUT DATED! Please avoid (used for RTGS, NEFT and IMPS transactions)
MICR Code NA (List of MICR codes)
BSR Code State Bank Of Travancore BSR Codes
City Adoor
District Pathanamthitta
State Kerala
Country India
Address Building No.Vi/321, Mushayath Building, K P Road, Pazhakulam P.O., Adoor, (Pallikkal Centre) 691527 (Check PIN CODES)
Branch Phone Number 237071 : State Bank Of Travancore Pazhakulam Phone number
Working hours 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM (tentative)
Holidays Bank Holidays and 2nd & 4th Saturday
Wording Days Mondays - Friday and work full day on 1st , 3rd and 5th (if any) Saturdays


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State Bank Of Travancore branches in Pathanamthitta

IFSC CodeBranchAddress
SBTR0000060 AdoorP.B.No.51, Punthala Shopping Complex, Adoor P.O. 691523 Adoor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000955 AnandapallyChurch Avenue Building, Anandapally P.O. 691525 Anandapally@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001035 AthikkayamGround Floor, Sree Padmom,Naranamoozhi.P.O. Athikkayam. 689711 Athikkayam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000083 AyiroorP.B.No.1, Ap No.Iv/309-A, Ayiroor South P O 689611 Ayiroor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000957 ChandanappallyBuilding No.1.219, 220, Kuttiyil, Chandanapally P.O. 689648 Chandanappally@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001050 ChethakalGround Floor, Bldg.No. 96/2,Punalur- Muvattupuzha Highway,Mandamaruthi,Chethakal. 689676 Chethakkal@
SBTR0000374 ChettimukkuP.B.No.3, Thottathil Buildings, Maramon P.O.Pathanamthitta Dist. 689549 Chettimukku@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000761 ChittarChundamannil Bldgs, 14,Abcd Ward No.3, Chittar P.O 689663 Chittar@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000762 ElanthoorEp6/140 A &B, Thompil Bldg, Elanthoor P.O 689643 Elanthoor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000243 ElavinthittaP.B.No.1, 1St Floor, Rajan Centre, Elavinthitta P.O. 689625 Elavinthitta@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000361 EnathuP.B.No.1, Joboy'S Building, Enathu P.O. 691526 Enathu@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000077 EraviperoorP.B.No.1, Thykoodathil Bldgs, Eraviperoor P.O. 689542 Eraviperoor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000438 EzhinjillamP.B.No.1, Mannoocherril Bldgs, Perumthuruthy P.O. 689107 Ezhinjillam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000885 Gold Point PathanamthittaPuthusseril Buildings, St. Peters Junction, Nannuvakkad, Pathanamthitta 689645 Gppathanamthitta@Sbt.
SBTR0000281 KadampanadP.B.No.1, K.P.Xi/281, K.R.K.Pillai Memorial Bldg, Kadampanad (S) P.O. 691553 Kadampanad@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000663 KalanjoorPb No.1 Cherumangalathu Building, Kalanjoor Junction, Kalanjoor. P.O 689694 Kalanjoor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000586 KalleliAnikattu Buildings, Akkarakkala Padi,Kalleli Post, Konni 689691 Kalleli@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000464 KalloopparaP.B.No.1, Pulipreth Shopping Complex, Kadamankulam P.O.Kallooppara 689603 Kallooppara@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000447 KarakkalP.B.No.1, Chakkummoottil Buildings, Karakkal P.O. 689108 Karakkal@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000437 KattoduP.B.No.1, Mannil Buildings, Manjadi P.O. 689105 Kattode@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000462 KaviyoorP.B.No.1, No.K.P.1/466, Kaviyoor P.O., Pathanamthitta 689582 Kaviyoor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000388 KeezhvaipurP.B.No.1, Kallurumpil Buildings, M.V.Road, Keezhvaipur P.O. 689587 Keezhvaipur@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000928 KidangannoorBuilding 11/140 ,Thekkemootheril ,Kidangannur P.O. 689514 Kidangannur@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000560 KodumonMammoottil Bldgs, Kodumon Jn., Kodumon P.O 691555 Kodumon@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000810 KoipuramBuilding No.12/78(4), Elamkulathu Building, Kareelamukku, Thattakkadu, Koipuram P.O. 689531 Koipuram
SBTR0000062 KonniP.B.No.1, Mepurathu Building, Konni P.O. 689691 Konni@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001182 KoorampalaSreeram Ch.Trust Bldg Sree Sathyanandapuram Koorampala,Pandalam,689501
SBTR0000463 KottangalP.B.No.1, Thundyil Buildings, Ponthenpuzha Road, Chungapara.P.O. 686547 Kottangal@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000068 KozhencherryP.B.No.1,, Poyyanil Plaza, Kozhencherry P.O. 689641 Kozhencherry@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001002 Kozhencherry P andSbBuilding No 66 H,Parapuzha Anska Complex,Thekkemala P O,Kozhencherry Pbskozhencherry@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000353 KulanadaP.B.No.3, Deepa Building, T.B.Junction, Kulanada P.O. 689503 Kulanada@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000099 KumbanadP.B.No.1, Thomson Buildings, Kumbanad P.O. 689547 Kumbanad@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000956 KunnamthanamMeppurathu Building, Kunnamthanam P.O.,Thiruvalla 689581 Kunnamthanam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000309 KuttapuzhaP.B.No.1, Puthen Parambil Bldgs, Kuttapuzha P.O. 689103 Kuttapuzha@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000407 MalayalapuzhaP.B.No.1, Dewaswom Board Bldgs, Thazham P.O. 689666 Malayalapuzh@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000087 MallappallyP.B No. 1, Building No 4/490 A, Mallappally Mallappally West P.O.,Mallappally Pathanamthitta D
SBTR0000329 MallasserryP.B.No.1, Karimarathinal Buildings, Mallassery P.O. 689646 Mallasserry@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000466 ManipuzhaP.B.No.1, Thyparambil Buildings, Podiyadi P.O. 689110 Manipuzha@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001033 MaruthimooduEpix-14B, Sinai Complex, K.P. Road, Elamannoor P.O. 691524 Maruthimoodu@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000100 MepralP.B.No.1, Chandapeedika, Mepral P.O. 689591 Mepral@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000482 MGMHS ThiruvallaP.B.No.14, Thiruvalla P.O. 689101 Mgmhs@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000330 MylapraP.B.No.1, Kunjukrishna Pillai Vaidhyan, Memorial Buildings, Mylapra Town P.O. 689678 Mylapra@Sbt.Co.
SBTR0000069 NaranganamP.B.No.1, Erattolil Buildings, Naranganam P.O. 689642 Naranganam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000512 NariyapuramP.B.No.1, Parambil Buildings, Nariyapuram P.O. 689513 Nariyapuram@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000509 NellimalaMylanilkunnathil Buildings, Nellimala P.O., (Via)Eraviperoor 689542 Nellimala@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000461 Niranam KizhakkumbhagomP.B.No.2 St.Mary'S Orthodox, Syrian Church Bldgs, Niranam P.O. 689621 Niranam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000331 OmallurP.B.No.1, Kollaka Buildings, Omallur P.O. 689647 Omallur@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000332 OtheraP.B. No. 1, West Othera P.O. 689551 Othera@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000079 PandalamP.B.No.1, Ruby Buildings, M C Road, Pandalam P.O. 689501 Pandalam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000070 ParakodeP.B.No.1, Kavinte Thekkethil, Parakode P.O. 691554 Parakode@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000058 PathanamthittaP.B.No.3, Sbt Building, Opposite Head Post Office 689645 Pathanam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000846 PazhakulamBuilding No.Vi/321, Mushayath Building, K P Road, Pazhakulam P.O., Adoor, (Pallikkal Centre) 691527
SBTR0000779 Psb AdoorVaishnavam Complex, Near Fire Force Station, M C Road, Adoor P.O. 691523 Psbadoor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001166 Psb Branch KonniShop No Kp 11 By 145,Opp Pvt Bus Stand Konni
SBTR0000703 Psb PathanamthittaKpm Square, Door No.Pmc, Xxi/1068(2 & 3), Pathanamthitta, Kerala 689645 Pathanampsb@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000640 PulladP.B No.1, High School Junction, Pullad P.O. 689548 Pullad@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000711 Puthenathani1St Floor, Alwaha Complex, National Highway, Puthanathani, Punnathala P.O.,(Via) Valancherry, 67655
SBTR0000065 RanniP.B.No.1, Manimalethu Building, Angadi P.O. 689674 Ranni@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000345 Ranni ThottamonP.B.No.1, Kunnirickal Buildings, Ranni P.O. 689672 Rthottaman@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001003 SeethathodeValiyathuruthiyil Building, Seethathode.P.O. 689667 Seethathode@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000244 ThadiyoorP.B.No.1, Indira Buildings, Thadiyoor P.O. 689545 Thadiyoor@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0001128 Thekkuthode BranchBuild No Tp 9/367,Parish Hall,St George Orthodox Church,Karimanthode,Pta-689699
SBTR0001181 ThelliyoorBldg Ep By Ii.228C,Arappurayil Bldg Thelliyoor,Vennikulam Pathanamthitta,Kerala
SBTR0000359 ThirumoolapuramP.B.No.651, Balikamatom Campus, Thirumoolapuram P.O. 689115 Thirumoola@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000094 ThiruvallaP.B.No.3, Ennikattil Buildings, M.C.Road, Thiruvalla P.O. 689101 Thiruvalla@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000080 ThumpamonP.B.No.1, Kadathethu Buildings, Thumpamon P.O. 689502 Thumpamon@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000628 Tiruvalla NriP.B.No.29, Marthoma Buildings, Scs Junction, Thiruvalla P.O. 689101 Nritvla@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000093 VadasserikaraP.B.No.2, Pulivelil Buildings, Vadasserikara P.O. 689662 Vadaserikara@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000768 VakayarBldg No. Iv/591 A, 591 B And 591 C, Vakayar P.O, Konni Village 689698 Vakayar@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000559 ValakuzhyP.B.No.3, Kunnumpurathu Buildings, Valakuzhy P.O., Vennikulam (Via) 689544 Valakuzhy@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000763 VazhakunnamC.P.6/372B, Sukhar Complex, Cherukole P.O. 689650 Vazhakunnam@Sbt.Co.In
SBTR0000098 VennikulamP.B.No.1, Kanjirathumoottil Buildings, Ward No-3, Vennikulam P.O., Pathanamthitta 689544 Vennikulam@
SBTR0000386 VrindavanamP.B.No.1, Kpw/3/32A, Kottanadu P.O. 689615 Vrindavanam@Sbt.Co.In

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