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State Bank Of Travancore branches in Palakkad

Get the list of State Bank Of Travancore branches in Palakkad district, Palakkad, the list made available by city/branch. State Bank Of Travancore Palakkad ifsc code, braches address, helpline etc.

State Bank Of Travancore branches Palakkad

BankIFSC Code Branch Address
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000939 Alanallur12.577, Panchayat Shopping Complex, Alanallur-Vettathur Road, Alanallur 678601 Alanallur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000179 AlathurP.B.No.15, Court Road, Alathur P.O. 678541 Alathur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000552 AnanganadiP.B.No.1, K T Complex,Kothakurissi Jn, Panamanna P.O. 679501 Ananganadi@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000249 ChalisserryP.B.No.1, Salamath Buildings, Chalissery , Chalissery Po, Palakkad District 679536 Chalisserry@Sbt.C
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000251 CherplasserryP.B.No.51, Sico Towers, Cherplassery 679503 Cherplassery@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000178 ChitturP.B.No.8, Sana Complex, Hospital Junction, Chittur P.O. 678101 Chittur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000410 ErimayurP.B.No.2, Tip Top Towers, Near Vettakkaruman Temple, Erimayur P.O., 678546 Erimayur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000940 Gold Point PalghatGopalakrishna Heritage, B O C Road, Palakkad 678001 Gppalakkad@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000721 KalladikodeSumangali Buildings, Deepa Junction, Kalladikode.P.O. 678596 Kalladikode@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001080 Kallepully18/814 , George Centre,Venoli Road,Kallepully,Palakkad 678005 Kallepully@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000518 KannadyP.B.No.1, Pmp Nivas, Kannadi P.O. 678701 Kannady@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000346 KarimpuzhaViii/338(F), Main Road, Near Kinar Junction, Kottappuram 679513 Karimpuzha@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000180 KoduvayurP.B.No.1, Adithya Towers, Near Althara,Main Road, Koduvayur 678501 Koduvayur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000184 KollengodeP.B.No.1, 1St Floor,, Gayathri Complex, Kollengode P.O. 678506 Kollengode@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000969 Koppam5/927 Peetees Arcade, Perinthalmanna Road, Koppam P.O. 679307 Koppam@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000185 KozhinjamparaP.B.No.1, 4/21 E, Chitoor Road, Kozhinjampara P.O. 678555 Kozhinjampar@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000486 KudallurP.B.No.1, P.P.Moidu'S Buildings, Maniamperumpalam, Kudalur P.O. 679554 Kudallur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000927 KumaramputhurKalladi Plaza, Kumaramputhur, Palakkad 678583 Kumaramputhur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000324 KuzhalmannamP.B.No.3, Ist Floor,, Kms Buildings,, Kuzhalmannam P.O. 678702 Kuzhalmannam@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000181 MannarkkadP.B.No.1, Namboothiris Arcade, Mannarkkad P.O., Pin- 678 582, Palakkad District. 678582 Mannarkkad@
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000600 MannurP.B.No.1, Kurikkal Buildings, Mannur P.O. 678642 Mannur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001028 MundurVii/89 Damam Plaza Chungam, Mundur. 678592 Mundur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000522 NattukalNo.Iv/611, Nellepilly P.O. 678553 Nattukal@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000182 NemmaraP.B.No.3, Ist Floor, Lakshmi Complex , Main Road Nemmara 678508 Nemmara@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001093 OlavakodeVallapuzha Complex Near Sro Olavakode, Palakkad 678002 Ph 0491-2510773 678002 Olavakkod@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000392 Ottappalam8/804,First Floor, Narayana Trade Centre , Near Bus Stand,(P.O), Ottappalam 679101 Ottappalam@Sbt.C
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001255 OzhalapathyShop No Vi 242 Gopi Complex Ozhalapathy Po Palakkad District Kerala 678557
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000177 PalakkadP.B.No.305, Surya Complex,, T.B.Road 678014 Palakkad@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000183 ParliP.B.No.1, Ix/547 A, Kalyana Mandir, Village Road, Parli 678612 Parli@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000237 PathiripalaKalpatharu Building, Nagaripuram P.O., Mannur Via 678642 Pathiripala@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000186 PattambiP.B.No:1, Pattambi P.O. 679303 Pattambi@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001239 PayyanadamDoor No2 658 659 660 Sy No 137 4 Mannarkkad Payyanadam Road Po Payyanadam Dist Palakkad Kerala 678583
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000495 PeringodeK.P.Iii/476, Peringode, Parassery P.O. 678631 Peringode@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000863 Psb Palakkad18/424(16) Kanakath Tower, West Fort Road, Palakkad P.O 678014 Palakkadpsb@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000176 PudusserryP.B.No.1, Opp Instrumention Ltd, Kanjikode West P.O. 678623 Pudusserry@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000723 Puthur PalakkadDoort No.12/481, Abudhabi Complex, Near Head P.P.O, Puthur Road 678001 Puthurpkd@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000787 Shoranur8/527(H),Opp Juma Masjid,Main Road, Shoranur, Palakkad Dist, Kerala 679121 Shoranur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001153 Sme Branch Palakkad2 By 75,Lakshmi Complex,Coimbatore Road Kalmandamap Palakkad 676001
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000497 SreekrishnapuramP.B.No.2, Sreekrishnapuram P.O. 679513 Sreekrishna@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000788 Tattamangalam2/384(F) And (G), First Floor, Municipal Busstand 678102 Tattamangalam@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001027 Thrithala2/42(B), Kelayil Buildings, Govt Hospital Road, Thrithala. 679534 Thrithala@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001049 Vadakkanthara Kalpathy2/160, New Kalpathy, Kalpathy P O. Palakkad.678003 Vadakkanthara@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000187 VadakkencherryP.B.No:1,Ist Floor,, Cvm Complex Building,, Vadakkencherry P.O. 678683 Vadakenchery@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001048 Vadavannur204 Q 1St Floor, Vcr Complex, Vadavannur. 678504 Vadavannur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000418 ValayarSreedevi Buildings, Alamaram, Kanjikode P.O. 678621 Valayar@Sbt.Co.In
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In Palakkad, State Bank Of Travancore is offering following products/services in general Deposit schemes such as Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Tax Savings Scheme etc., and Loans/Advances such as Housing Loans, Agriculture loans, Educational loans, Mortgage loans, Car Loan, and Personal Loans etc.
State Bank Of Travancore branches list Palakkad :
State Bank Of Travancore has a lorge network of branches in Palakkad which is situated in Kerala, India.

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