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State Bank Of Travancore branches in Kozhikode

Get the list of State Bank Of Travancore branches in Kozhikode district, Kozhikode, the list made available by city/branch. State Bank Of Travancore Kozhikode ifsc code, braches address, helpline etc.

State Bank Of Travancore branches Kozhikode

BankIFSC Code Branch Address
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001158 AyancherryCp Building,Ayancherry,Koszhikode Pin 673541
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000477 AzhiyoorP.B.No.1, Abhilash Buildings, Aliyoor P.O. 673309 Azhiyoor@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000314 Balusserry AdbP.B.No.2,, Balussery P.O. 673612 Balusseryadb@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000190 BeyporeKps Arcade,42/866 Arakkinar P.O., Beypore 673015 Beypore@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000200 Calicut University BranchP.B.No.1501, Calicut University P.O., Tenjipalam 673635 Tenjipalam@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000673 Chandra Nagar PalakkadP.B.No.24, N.H.Bye Pass Junction, Chandra Nagar P.O. 678007 Chandranagar@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000574 CheekkunnummelKoovalam Buildings, Cheekkunnummel West P.O., (Via) Kakkattil 673507 Chikunnummel@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001159 ChikkittaparaKarimattathil Bldg Chakkitapara 673526 Kerala
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001217 EangapuzhaElokara Eangapuzha Po Kozhikode
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000760 EranhipalamBuilding No.V/215-S, Near Passport Office, Eranhipalam 673006 Eranhipalam@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001123 Farook College BranchAlumini Block,Farook College Campus,Kozhikode Distt,Karala-673632
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000191 FerokeP.B.No.29, K.C.Arcade, Opp: Bus Stand, Feroke.P.O. 673631 Feroke@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000938 Gold Point KozhikodeMullassery Arcade,Bunglavu Road,Meenchanha Bye Pass, Meenchantha,Nallalam Po 673027 Gpkozhikode@Sbt.
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000744 KakkattilBldg No X/575, First Floor, City Complex 673507 Kakkattil@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000858 KakkodiCpr Arcade, Opp.Public Health Centre, Balussery Road, Kakkodi P.O. 673611 Kakkodi@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000490 KallachiE M Arcade, P.B.No.1, Nadapuram Main Road, Kallachi. 673506 Kallachi@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000285 Kallai KozhikodeP.B.No.726, Kalliyath Building, Panniyankara, Kallai P O, Kozhikode 673003 Kallai@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001122 KaraparambuKunduparambu Road,Karaparambu Po,Kozhikode Distt., Kerala-673010
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001001 KoduvallyPvs Arcade, Thamarassery Road, Koduvally 673572 Koduvally@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000615 KolagapparaAp Iv/1146 G, Vg Complex, Kolagappara Branch, Chulliyode Road,Ambalavayal P.O., Wayanad District, Ke
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000684 KoyilandyP.B.No.14, Niyaz Building, Main Road, Koyilandy 673305 Koyilandy@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000188 Kozhikode MainP.B.No.150, Thavot Place, Kannur Road 673001 Calicut@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000301 Kozhikode PalayamP.B.No.532, "White Lines" Kallai Road, Chalapuram P.O. 673002 Cpalayam@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000401 KunnamangalamP.B.No.1, Calicut-Wynad Road, Kunnamangalam P.O. 673571 Kunnamangal@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000638 KuttiadiP.B.No.1, Chathoth Centre, Wynad Road, Kuttiadi P.O. 673508 Kuttiadi@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000535 Mankavu KozhikodeP.B.No.1201, Nta Complex, Mankavu P.O. 673007 Mankavu@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000561 Mavoor Road Kozhikode1St Floor, Maniyattukudy Asfa Building, Mavoor Road 673004 Mavoor@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001238 Mcb KozhikodePb No 150 Thavot Place Kannur Road Kozhikode Dist Kerala 673001
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000456 MeenchanthaHappy Tower, Vattakinar Jn, Arts College.P.O. 673018 Meenchantha@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000420 MeppayurP.B.No.1, Building No.Vi/953, T.K.Complex, Meppayur 673524 Meppayur@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001149 Msme KozhikodeMullassery Arcade, Mini Byepass Meenchantha 673027
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001160 MukkomEk Bldg,Pc Junction Mukkom Pin 673639 Kerala
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000856 NadapuramMalabar Courtyard, Near Govt Hospital, Nadapuram P.O 673503 Nadapuram@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001096 NarikkuniErady'S Building, Padanilam-Nanminda Road, Narikkuni 673685 Narikkuni@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000799 OrkatteryDoor No.795, Ward No.9, Eramala Road, Near Community Health Centre, Orkattery, Vadakara 673501 Orkat
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001161 PantheerankavuPantheerankavu,Calicut Kerala Pin 673019
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000946 PayyoliBenhar Plaza,Payyoli Post,Perambra Road 673522 Payyoli@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000815 PerambraBuilding No.Pp1/832-S-22, 1St Floor, K.R. Complex , Near Bus Stand, Perambrap.O., 673525 Perambra@Sb
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000821 PerumannaKeh Buildings, Near Bustand, Perumanna P.O 673019 Perumanna@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000758 Psb KozhikodeBldg No. 28/2453 B, Clock Tower, Mavoor Road,Pottammal,Calicut 673016 Psbkkd@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001029 PsbvadakaraRajaram Building, Narayana Nagaram, Opposite New Bus Stand,Vadakara 673101 Psbvadakara@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000576 PuthiyaraMeyon Buildings, P.B.No.801, Jail Road, Puthiyara P.O. 673004 Puthiyara@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000859 RamanattukaraPachis, Ramanattukara P.O. 673633 Ramanattukara@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000653 Service Branch Kozhikode6/1/1022, Thavot Place, Iii Floor, Kannur Road, Kozhikode P.O. 673001 Sercalicut@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000225 ThamarasserryP.B.No.2, Ruby Plaza, Thamarassery P.O. 673573 Thamarassery@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000296 ThiruvampadyT.P.3/796 F, Sacred Heart-, Cathedral Church Buildings, Thirvampady P.O. 673603 Thiruvampady@Sbt.Co.
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000189 VadakaraP.B.No.6, Thilleri Complex, Convent Road, Vadakara P.O. 673101 Vadakara@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0001030 VellimadukunnuSigma Building, Opp.Madhyamam, Vellimadukunnu, Marykunnu P.O. 673012 Vellimadukunnu@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000868 VilliappaliO.T. Building, Yatheem Khana, Villiappally P.O 673542 Villiappally@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000857 West HillShipli Building, Chakkorathukulam, Nadakkave P.O 673011 Westhill@Sbt.Co.In
State Bank Of TravancoreSBTR0000520 Zonal Office KozhikodeJubilee Bhavan, Mini Bypass , Eranhipalam , Kozhikode -673006 673006 Zokkd@Sbt.Co.In
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In Kozhikode, State Bank Of Travancore is offering following products/services in general Deposit schemes such as Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Tax Savings Scheme etc., and Loans/Advances such as Housing Loans, Agriculture loans, Educational loans, Mortgage loans, Car Loan, and Personal Loans etc.
State Bank Of Travancore branches list Kozhikode :
State Bank Of Travancore has a lorge network of branches in Kozhikode which is situated in Kerala, India.