State Bank Of India branches in Kadapa

Get the list of State Bank Of India branches in Kadapa district, Kadapa, the list made available by city/branch. State Bank Of India Kadapa ifsc code, braches address, helpline etc.

State Bank Of India branches Kadapa

BankIFSC Code Branch Address
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0001609 Adb ProddaturKadapa, Andhra Pradesh
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0001805 Adb RajampetDistkadapa Andhra Pradesh 516115
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0000792 BadvelDist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516227
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0015970 Badvel TownDoor No 7/38,7/39, Nellore Road,Badvel, Dist Kadapa. Andhra Pradesh 516227
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003770 BalapanurDist Kadapa, A P 516484
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0008835 BhakarapetaDno12236Gandlastap
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012672 Brahmamgari MattamMallepalleDoor No8 By 1241,Mallepalle Road,Kandimallayapalli Village,Distkadapa516503
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012670 Chakraya PetRayachoty Road,Chakraya Pet,Kadapa Dist,Pin 516259
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002702 ChennurDist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516162
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0015374 Cherlopalli7/22, Kondugaripalli Village, Rajasahebpeta Post,Porumamilla, Ysr Dist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516505
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0007514 ChilamkuruDist Kadapa, A P 516310
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0011121 China Chowk KadapaDist Kadapa,A P
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002703 ChinnamandemDist Kadapa, A P 516214
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003880 ChitvelDist Kadapa, Ap 516104
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003288 DuvvurDist Kadapa, A P 516175
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0008490 G K RachapalliDist Kadapa, A P 516129
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0010103 GaliveeduD. No. 16 By 972, Kadiri Road, Galiveedu 516267
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0015248 ITI Circle BranchD.No 56/131, Chemmumiyapet, Kadapa 516003, Y.S.R.District 516003
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0000977 JammalamaduguDist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516434
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0016484 Jammalamadugu TownJammalamadugu Town, Jammalamadugu, Dist. Kadapa,Andhra Pradesh 516434
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012674 Jntuce Campus PulivendlaPulivendla,Kadapa Distict,Andhra Pradesh 516390
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0000830 Kadapa7, Rd. Circle, Kadapa
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003730 Kadapa BazarY.V.Street,Kadapa Bazaar,Kadapa,Andhra Pradesh,Pin 516001
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0011122 Kadapa Treasury KadapaDist Kadapa,A P
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012673 Kalasapadu2 248,Chennupalle Road,Kalasapadu,Kadapa District,Andhra Pradesh 516217
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0001267 KamalapuramKadapa State Andhra Pradesh Pin 516289
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012675 Khajipet SunkesulaKhajipet Sunkesula,2 By 41,Oppto Police Station,Main Bazaar,Khajipet
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0008836 KodavalurNellore A P 524316
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0001459 KodurDist Kadapa Andhra Pradesh 516 101
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0017802 Kodur BazarKodur R R Complex Mgroad Kodur Rly Disttkadapa Andhra Pradesh 516101
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0015375 KommanuthalaD.No.531, Kommanuthala Village, Lingala Mandal, Ysr Dist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516396
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002746 KondapuramDist Kadapa, A P 516444
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0008834 KurnoothalaDist Kadapa, Ap 516257
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003748 LakkireddipalliDist Kadapa, Ap 516257
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002753 MadhavaramDist Kadapa, A P 516247
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012668 MuddanurPulivendula Road,Muddanur,Kadapa Dist 516380
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002761 MydukurDistkadapa Andhra Pradesh 516172
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002764 NandalurDist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516172
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003749 NandimandalamKadapa Taluk
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0013489 Nri Branch KadapaC By O Regional Business Office,Dwaraka Nagar,Kadapa 516004,A P
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0011120 ObulavaripalleKadappadistandrapradeshstate
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003750 OnipentaProddatur Taluk
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0008495 ParnapalliDist Kadapa, A P 516396
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012676 Patha Kadapa KadapaD No 1 94, Anantha Padma Swami Temple Street,Patha Kadapa,Kadapa
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0009080 PenagalurDist Kadapa, A P 516127
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0000901 ProddaturProddatur Main Br, Gandhi Rd., Pin-516360
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012677 Proddatur Court Proddatur731 Tb Road Jammalamadugu Road,Proddatur,Kadapa Dist,Ap516360
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0010600 Proddatur TownD No 10 310 By 1 Upstairs , Mydukur Road, Proddatur, Kadapa District, A P 516361
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0000989 PulivendlaDist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516390
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0011123 Pulivendula TownPulivendula Town, Pulivendula, Kadapa Road, Dist Kadapa 516390
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012671 PullampetHno7 By 26A,Chitvel Road,Pullampet
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0000905 RajampetMain Road, Rajampet, Distt. Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516 115
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0017173 Rajampet BazaarD No 6 By 445 E,Drl Residency,R S Road,Rajampet,Distt Kadapa Andhra Pradesh 516115
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0010107 Rajiv Gandhi Inst Of Med SciencesPutlampalli Village, Distt. Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516004
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0012669 RamapuramBeside Telephone Exchange,Ramapuram Kadapa Dist516504
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0005082 RangasamudramMain Road, Porumamilla Mandal, Distt. Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh516 193
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0000761 RayachotyDist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516269
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0017092 Rayachoty TownD.No.24 By 127 2,Shifa Plaza,Rajampet Road,Rayachoty,Distt.Kadapa.Andhra Pradesh 516269
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0014110 Rcpc Kadapa1 By 705,Dwaraka Nagar,Kadapa 516004
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0014111 Rcpc ProddaturProddatur Town Branch,Mydukur Road,Proddatur,Kadapa District,A P 516360
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0005128 Regional Business Office Kadapa1 By 705,Dwaraka Nagar,Kadapa,Dist Kadapa 516 004
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0016510 SambepalleD No.1 111 A, Main Road, Vill, Postmandal Sambepalle , Distt. Kadapa. Andhra Pradesh 516 215
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0019198 Sbiintouch Branch KadapaOpp Srinivasa Residency, Near Apsara Theatre, Kadapa,
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0001381 SiddavatamKadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516237
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0008491 TekurpetaTekurpetap
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0004427 TSundupalliMain Road, Dist Kadapa, A P 516130
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002809 VempalleKadapa A P 516329
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0003732 VontimittaKadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516213
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0010109 Y V University KadapaY V University Campus, Pulivendula Road, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh 516003
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0002814 YerraguntlaDist Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh 516309
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0018294 Yerraguntla BazaarMuddanurroad,Yerraguntla,Distt.Ysrkadapa.Andhrapradesh 516309
State Bank Of IndiaSBIN0001902 YerramukkapalliYerramukkapalle,Kadapa,Andhra Pradesh,Pin 516004
State Bank Of India internet banking Codes: To make pay through online banking or net banking or mobile banking, IFSC or Micr or Swift codes will pay a key role to confirm the branch details, so here you check the all ifsc or micr or swift of State Bank Of India Kadapa city wise, for that you need to select the State Bank Of India branch for which you need to check ifsc or micr or swift or bsr.

In Kadapa, State Bank Of India is offering following products/services in general Deposit schemes such as Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Term Deposits, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Tax Savings Scheme etc., and Loans/Advances such as Housing Loans, Agriculture loans, Educational loans, Mortgage loans, Car Loan, and Personal Loans etc.
State Bank Of India branches list Kadapa :
State Bank Of India has a lorge network of branches in Kadapa which is situated in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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